Chapter 1 Part 1

Macie’s Bedroom
Berkley Estate
6:07 PM

Macie looked at her self in the wall size mirror in her bedroom. “What do you think, Kayla?” Macie asked her little sister Kayla. Macie was wearing a knee length navy blue strapless BCBG dress it had a silver sparkly flower on it. Macie was also wearing silver high heel peep toes. Her long brown curly hair in high pony with a bump. Macie was getting ready for Hannah’s welcome dinner at her friend Mckenzie estate. She knew Hannah was going to be a real loser. I mean seriously Michigan? Come awn? That’s like the capital of loseropia. There mom’s are best friends and to having to live next to a FAMILY of losers is thee worst. “Perfect sis.” said Kayla happily. Even Macie’s cat Sweetpea agreed with that one by giving a meow. “I knew that.” Running her fingers through her pony. Just at that Macie heard a bing on her iMac.

To be continued……

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Coming Soon…

Be here for the first chapter of the Populars story, 5/10/11. 

Look at the character page to find out more! 🙂 

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Hello world!

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